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Welcome to Our Geometry City

Welcome to Our

Geometry City

By, Jake Shaw & Sarah Cogswell


In Mrs. Kramb’s 4th grade AIG math class, we worked very hard to design geometry cities with specific shapes and angles.  Some of the requirements that we needed to include in our cities were alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, vertical angles, and corresponding angles.  We also needed to have different types of lines such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines and, intersecting lines along with different polygons like concave hexagons and obtuse scalene triangles.  The best part was getting to name our city with the population and name the streets.

Our class got to see a set of real blueprints for an apartment/condo complex called The Montage Apartments in uptown Charlotte.  When we finished our city designs, we met with a Senior Commercial Plans Examiner and Reviewer for Mecklenburg County, named Mike Peterson.  He talked about how we use geometry, fractions, and other math concepts in the real world and how he uses it in his job every day.         

Geometry City