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Supporting Learning with the AIG Academy

Supporting Learning with the AIG Academy

The AIG Academy is a year long blended course of specialized training for educators focused on differentiation strategies for gifted and advanced learners.  The course provides the time and support needed for educators to develop a clear understanding of best practices, sharpen skillsets, and become more effective in working with cluster and flexible groups of students.

We are pleased to announce the following educators in Union County Public Schools who have successfully completed course.  These remarkable teachers have been awarded a certificate recognizing them as teacher leaders equipped to work with gifted and advanced learners:

Elementary Level:

  • Jacqueline Eller @ Prospect Elementary
  • Dawn Fudge @ Hemby Bridge
  • Kristin O'Neill @ Rocky River
  • Katie Rochefort @ Sandy Ridge Elementary
  • Melissa Sarcona @ Antioch Elementary
  • Julie Schottland @ Weddington Elementary
  • Charlene Stamm @ Benton Heights Elementary
  • Jennifer Taylor @ Poplin Elementary
  • Karen Taylor @ New Town Elementary
  • Tracy Vassil @ Western Union Elementary

Seconary Level:

  • Hilary Heilig @ Marvin Ridge
  • Coleen Owens @ Monroe Middle
  • Melissa Plemmons @ Marvin Ridge Middle
  • Amber Reep @ Weddington Middle
  • Amber Riddle @ Monroe Middle School
  • Meryl Willis @ Cuthbertson Middle

UCPS educators who are interested in signing up for our 2022-23 cohort can find more information at our AIG Academy website.