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2021-22 AIG Addendum Information


With growing stakeholder concern over the decline in student achievement caused by the pandemic, the AIG Department collected and analyzed data from 2017-2021 to recommend the following modifications to the 2021-22 AIG Addendum (executive summary):

  1. To eliminate redundant testing of students by:
    1. Extending the use of aptitude scores from 1-year to a 2-year window,
    2. Expanding aptitude and achievement cut scores for pathways 2 & 3 (see updated UCPS identification criteria)
    3. Continuing the use of BOG scores for 3rd grade students, and
    4. To honor previous, UCPS AIG identification if a family withdrew a student for the past school year.
  2. To offer all students with data supporting futher assessments an opportunity over the summer or in the fall, whichever option works best for the family.
  3. To support low AIG population schools with targeted Pathway 3 consideration.

In an effort to keep the screening and testing process equitable, the AIG Department recommended and continued elimination of private testings as a means to bypass the screening process for privileged families.

Lastly, the AIG Department recommended that each school expand services to support:

  1. Social-emotional well-being of students,
  2. Enrichment and extension options for gifted and advanced students,
  3. Career and College planning for gifted and advanced secondary students,
  4. Improvement of talent development programs, and
  5. Professional development opportunities focused on gifted and advanced learners available to all educators within the district.

The UCPS School Board Education approved these recommendations on June 1, 2021.