We still have some 2021 Yearbooks available for $85.00. 

2022 Yearbooks are on sale now! Order online at

Senior Tributes:

Senior parents, did you miss the deadline to order a senior tribute? We have a few spaces remaining to fill the pages started by the number of tributes already purchased. Please email Deb Christensen with the size tribute you were looking to purchase. These spaces are first-come, first-serve and after these are filled there will not be any more senior tribute space available

  1. Order and pay online (The deadline to purchase an ad is Friday, October 22nd) at
  2. Search for CATA. Click “Create a Personal Ad” at the bottom. (Make sure your pop-up or ad blocker is turned off to see the link.)
  3. You do not have to upload pictures when you place your order and pay. Just enter some text in the required text boxes and then on the top right click on the “I will deliver photos to the school at a later date” link to skip uploading pictures.
  4. You can either email the photos or upload them to the Google form by November 19th.
  5. Please complete this Google Form with additional information about your senior tribute order.