Parking Passes for 2022-2023

Parking Passes: Passes are $45.00 and will be sold to ALL students starting on 8/12. Information about seniors painting parking spots will be sent to seniors separately. The process for purchasing parking passes will be on the FamilyID platform again this year. An account will need to be created if you do not already have one (This is what is used for athletics). Parking passes MAY NOT be purchased by any student who has outstanding fees. Students must have current car registration, proof of insurance, and driver's license. After completion of the application, CATA will review your submission. The student will then receive a link to pay for the pass once the application has been approved via student UCPS email. The PTSO will be sponsoring a Senior Parking Space Paint Party on Friday, August 26th for all Seniors. Pass holders will get an extra COOL treat. More details to follow. Click here to purchase: