At about 4:00 PM, dismissal procedures will begin. CMS is a LARGE school; an efficient dismissal process takes some time. It'll be slow to start this week as we re-orient with school procedures.

Car-riders will ONLY be picked up via the front car-rider line at the front of the school.

Parents, please do not arrive at CMS until 3:30 or later for afternoon pick-up as the high-school is dismissed beforehand, and too many cars will cause gridlock on our school campuses.

Parents should NOT park in the staff parking lot, visitor parking spaces, the high school, or nearby neighborhoods to pick up children at dismissal time.

When picking up students, please pull ALL the way up to the front of the car-rider line so we can load students quickly and safely. Students are to step into a car on the right side to avoid other cars.

Walking home from school is discouraged as it is a safety concern; the school is not currently outfitted with appropriate sidewalks nor cross walks.