10.04.2021 Chocolate Fundraiser/Good New Club

It’s Chocolate Sale time of year!!!  New Salem Elementary facilitates two major fundraisers each year - the Chocolate Sale and the Fun Run.  Both of these fundraisers help us tackle big projects.  For example, both of our Kindergarten Smart Boards are outdated and almost not functional.  Because of our successful Fun Run last year we are waiting on a quote to order new flat panel interactive boards for our kindergarten classrooms!  Your hard work and support is going right back into your students!  
Today you will see a Chocolate Sale flyer in your child’s bookbag.  The sale runs from tomorrow until the 15th.  Thank you in advance for your support.  
Child Evangelism Fellowship is struggling to find volunteers to run the Good News Club.  The Fall dates have been cancelled and they will try to reboot in the Spring.  

I sure did enjoy the Fairview Fall Festival and it was a hoot being able to hang out and enjoy your families.  Thank you for supporting our community this weekend.