Summer Notes

Summer Notes: Parent Portal – parent portal is now turned on for parents and students (as of  Wednesday, August 16th)

Report card information – If you would like a PDF of your child’s final report card, please complete the information at this link  Report Card Request  and you will receive a PDF of your child’s report card emailed to the email address collected in the form within 48 hrs.

Student parking – Marvin Ridge High School understands that many students wish to drive to school during their senior and junior years. However, due to the finite number of student parking spaces available, not all applicants will receive a parking permit.  (Student parking lot holds approximately 659 cars and the JR/SR classes of 2023-2024 total 1050 students.  Parking Wait List

  • At this time, all student parking spots have been sold / assigned
  • In January, 10-15 spots may become available due to mid-year graduates, students moving out of our attendance zone or withdrawing from our school.

  • More details will become available at a later date regarding how the waiting list will work. 

2023-2024 Orientation and Open House is scheduled for August 23-24. We will send a detailed schedule closer to the date.