Porter Ridge High School Fall 2020 Instruction

We wanted to bring you more information on what Porter Ridge High School will look like this fall as we open under Plan B.  First I want to say how excited we are to have the opportunity to see our students again.  All of our teachers have missed our students and are grateful that we will be able to see them each week, even if it is limited in days at this time.  We feel strongly that the in person connection is so important for many of our students to be successful and we are excited to incorporate that at the start of the year.  We hope that trends will move in a direction that allows us to see our students more frequently in the near future.  Our district also understands that some families may be hesitant to return to school at this point and so each school will also open a virtual academy that will allow students who cannot return to the building for medical reasons, or who may not be comfortable to return yet for various reasons, to continue to learn with us as a Porter Ridge Pirate.

To see full information on what instruction will look like at PRHS in the Fall, please click here.   Linked within the document is a short video showing how technology will integrate for at home and in-school students.  

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Information from UCPS 

UCPS Plan B model         UCPS Plan B en Espanol

UCPS Virtual Plan model      UCPS Virtual Plan en Espanol