Marshville Elementary is a School of Choice!


School of Choice


 Marshville Elementary is a School of Choice!

Through School Choice, parents may apply for admission through lottery to 14 elementary schools. The schools of choice have been identified because the student population is less than 90 percent of the capacity, as determined by the district.

Once a transfer has been granted under School Choice, it will remain in effect until the terminal grade in that school location (5th, 8th and 12th). Transportation is not provided for students who accept a transfer through School Choice.

To apply for the lottery for the elementary schools of choice, parents must complete an online application through Scribbles. The application period is Feb. 8 – March 31.

During the application period, parents will receive updates through Scribbles on the status of their request. Parents will be notified about the final decision for their child’s assignment by April 9.