Information for Driver Education Classes

Information for Driver Education Classes:  

Students who receive free or reduced lunch wishing to sign up for the September Driver's Ed class must complete a registration form from the school. You must also attach the letter from Child Nutrition stating you receive Free or Reduced lunch.  You may pick up and return the form to the front office. 




Registration Opens October 24, 2018

Registration Closed November 7, 2018

Class Begins November 14, 2018

Class Ends November 30, 2018

Face to Face Class Times (if you need help)

November 15, 2018  3 - 5pm

November 29, 2018  3-5pm

Final Test with eye exam December 3, 2018 3-5pm Room 111

Make-up Test without Eye ExamDecemberv. 6, 2018 3-5pm Room 111