Mr. Spencer’s phone message to parents on 9/5/19:

Mr. Spencer’s phone message to parents on 9/5/19:

Thank you for your assistance with our car rider line as we are settling into our first week with all of our students. We have issued car rider tags to parents who will be picking up students in the afternoons. If you have not received a tag yet, you will be asked for identification before receiving your tag.

For the safety of our staff, students, and parents, visitors walking into the building are only to cross at our crosswalk. Please follow the directions of our staff before crossing the street.   In the mornings, please remain in your cars as your children exit your vehicles onto our sidewalk. Also, please leave plenty of time in the mornings to arrive at school prior to our 7:35 tardy bell. 

If you ever have any transportation changes, those will need to be done in writing, not over the phone.

Lastly,  as cars arrive for the afternoon car rider line, they are to pull up all the way in the right lane to the yellow line opposite our cafeteria and begin parking behind the yellow line. Please keep the inner lane open at first. We now have installed a sign along our road just past our spirit rock on the right hand side of the road. In the afternoons, once the last vehicle reaches that sign, vehicles will then begin parking in the left lane starting at the yellow line.

Thank you again for your assistance for the start of a great school year!