K/1 At Home Reading Program

Home Reading

K/1 Nightly Home Reading began January 28, 2019.

Your child will bring home an envelope every night and should return it every day. Home reading envelopes will come home Monday – Thursday night, but not on the weekend.


The contents of the envelope include:

  • A grade level book for your child to read. (may need some help)

  • A “Parent Read-Aloud” book for you to read to your child. 

  • Examples of questions to ask your child when they/or you are done reading the books.

Thank you for taking the time to read to your child every night. The more often they read and are read to, the sooner they will move up the levels, the more fluent they will become, and they will have a higher level of comprehension.  Don’t forget to sign the reading log each night so we know that your child has completed their Home Reading.