Important Information Regarding Bus Transportation

Parents whose children ride UCPS School Buses should read this message carefully.


All North Carolina Public School Students who ride the school bus will be documented on the bus roster. Any student who does not ride for 10 consecutive days will be automatically dropped from the route without prior notice or notification. This process occurs within the transportation department and Antioch is informed after the student has been dropped from the route. Our school is currently working with the UCPS transportation department to create a better communication system that will inform parents prior to the student being dropped from the route. At this time no notification is provided. Teachers have been instructed to communicate with parents regarding early release or sudden dismissal due to inclement weather. Unless your child is already on the bus roster… bus transportation is not an option for these events.

Many parents may want to know why this is happening… Union County Public Schools is provided funding for transportation based on efficiency of the bus routes. Efficiency is impacted when students are listed on the route but not riding the bus and therefore funding can be decreased. As an effort to ensure maximum funding from the State of North Carolina and to maintain accurate bus rosters, bus drivers are instructed to update their rosters regularly. Feel free to email ( or call me at the school 704 841-2505 if you have additional questions.