August 23, 2020

Message from Mr. Childers August 23, 2020


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary. This is our final week of preparation prior to the beginning of a new school year. Please review the information below and feel free to email me if you have additional questions ( or you may email your child's teacher. Email me if you are not receiving email weekly messages from me. Please include the following information when emailing me with a question or concern. Child's Name, Teacher Name, Grade and your phone number. This will allow me to respond to your question or concern more quickly. Parents may access all archived messages on the school website. Our school phone number has changed, please use 704 296-3005 to contact the school. Please note that our school receives many phone calls each day. Please be patient and you may want to also email your concern to Mrs. Perry ( to ensure that we respond in a timely manner.


Attendance Details: Our staff will take daily attendance for ALL students. This information will be recorded based on your child's participation and completion of assigned required work. Students will be coded as Present On-Site, Present Off-Site or Absent. Parents and students will have flexibility to complete assignments within a specified period of time (typically one week) without penalty. Antioch must record which students are participating in person or remotely. Your child's teacher will be able to provide more information about this within the first two weeks of school. Our goal is to provide each family with the flexibility to successfully participate in a remote learning environment while maintaining a timeline that permits our staff to provide timely feedback to promote your child's education.


Birthday Treats will not be permitted at Antioch this year. Due to the many additional tasks required of our staff due to COVID-19, we cannot accept birthday treats of any kind in the classroom. The Antioch Elementary School Improvement Team will reconsider this issue once school reopens under Plan "A".


Bus Transportation: All parents of students who use UCPS bus transportation this year will be asked to complete a weekly Attestation Form. The form provides assurance that parents are NOT sending at risk student on the bus. Click here to access the electronic form.

Parents may access a printable version here as well as other related information regarding transportation.


Cafeteria: Our cafeteria serves hot and healthy meals daily. Access the breakfast  or lunch menu. Download the Mobile Menu App for your smartphone which will provide  interactive lunch nutritional information and a link to the online payment provider. Our cafeteria also sells items such as Cool Ranch Doritos, Flamas Doritios, Cheetos, Cookies and Rice Crispy Treats. Students my purchase switch drinks and bottled water in addition to milk. Click to access the online payment center.


Canvas: UCPS will use Canvas as our LMS (Learning Management System). Parents may find this information very valuable as you prepare to support your children. Click here to access the Canvas Parent Readiness Checklist . Additional Technology Tutorials are available here. I would encourage you to spend time with your child exploring this resources.


Chromebook Support: You may email Mrs. Kovach ( or Mrs. Phillips ( if you have issues with your chromebook. Click on this link for a variety of resources that you will hopefully find to be very helpful.

Kindergarten and First Grade students must also complete the COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) form. They are available here in English and in Spanish. These forms are also available to print from the Antioch Elementary Website.


Powerschool Information: Any parent who needs to obtain their child's powerschool information may email Mrs. Hansen ( or Mrs. Perry (


Safety Protocols:

Click on this link to view a video that demonstrates COVID Screenings and Classroom Social Distancing procedures. Thank you to AES students and Mrs. Amy Phillips for creating this resource.


School Improvement Team: Antioch Elementary School Improvement Team is comprised of staff and parents. This group meets monthly to monitor the goals of the school as well as to discuss matters that promote the safe and efficient functioning of the school. The 2020 - 2021 team is comprised of the following staff members who were elected by their colleagues: Sarah Wilson, Jenny Kluttz, Christine Cruse, Amy Bleakley, Laura Leo,  Lauren White, Lisa Schilling, Lyric Pieri, Erika Benavides, Emiko Vanderlip, Amy Phillips, Rhonda Young, Constance Kelly and Tom Childers.


Each grade level has a parent representative who will be serve as a point of contact. Parents are encouraged to share questions or concerns that can discussed during the SIT meetings.






Moe Peterson

First Grade

Sarah Camhi

Second Grade

David Long

Third Grade

Kelly Huntley

Fourth Grade

Stefanie Aranda

Fifth Grade

Shawna Lauer


The first School Improvement Team Meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 26th @ 2:30pm.

Future Meetings are scheduled as follows and each meeting will begin at 2:30pm:

  • 9/23/2020
  • 10/28/2020
  • 11/18/2020
  • 12/16/2020
  • 1/20/2021
  • 2/17/2021
  • 3/17/2021
  • 4/28/2021


UCPS Photo, Video and News Interview Release Form: Parents should review this form and complete the appropriate version to provide consent for the following:

I do hereby grant to Union County Public Schools the unlimited right to use and/or reproduce photographs, likenesses or the voice of my child in any legal manner and for the internal or external promotional and informational activities of Union County Public Schools. I also agree to allow my child to be interviewed and/or photographed representatives of the external news media in relation to any and all coverage of Union County Public Schools in which they are involved. I also agree to allow my child’s work and/or photograph to be published on the Union County Public Schools Internet/Intranet Web Pages and/or UCPS publications. I further understand that by signing this release, I waive any and all present, or future compensation rights to the use of the above stated material(s).

 UCPS Photo Release English

UCPS Photo Release Spanish


Visitors:  Parents will communicate with the office through the use of the video doorbell for student check out and the child will be sent to parents at the front entrance. Sometimes students forget items at home, parents are permitted to bring prescription eye wear, prescription medicine and other items deemed essential by the school. This would include a forgotten lunch if the child has a special diet and our cafeteria cannot accommodate the child's needs. The school will not permit the drop off lunch and homework unless lunch meets the previously discussed criteria. Parents will only be permitted to drop off clothing items if the child's clothing becomes soiled during the school day. All students should bring coats, jackets and face covering daily at the beginning of the day. These items will not be permitted to be dropped off during the day. The school will provide a face covering for your child if they forget their face covering at home. Students should bring a sweatshirt or light jacket to school. It may be very warm outside however the classrooms might be chilly with the reduced number of students in classrooms. I encourage parents to write your child's name in their jacket. Our school has dozens of unclaimed items of clothing each year.


Thank you for supporting our school - working  together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!