August 30, 2020

Message from Mr. Childers August 30, 2020


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary.  Please review the information below and feel free to email me if you have additional questions ( or you may email your child's teacher. Email me if you are not receiving email weekly messages from me. Please include the following information when emailing me with a question or concern. Child's Name, Teacher Name, Grade and your phone number. This will allow me to respond to your question or concern more quickly. Parents may access all archived messages on the school website. Our school phone number has changed, please use 704 296-3005 to contact the school. Please note that our school receives many phone calls each day. Please be patient and you may want to also email your concern to Mrs. Perry ( to ensure that we respond in a timely manner.


Our Third Grade and Fourth Grade Students will take reading assessments this week. Please make sure your child arrives at school on time and is well rested. Students who are full remote will be given the opportunity to take the assessment on Friday.


Bus Transportation: All parents of students who use UCPS bus transportation this year will be asked to complete a weekly Attestation Form. The form provides assurance that parents are NOT sending at risk student on the bus. Click here to access the electronic form.

Parents may access a printable version here as well as other related information regarding transportation.


Cafeteria: Our cafeteria serves hot and healthy meals daily. Access the breakfast  or lunch menu. Download the Mobile Menu App for your smartphone which will provide  interactive lunch nutritional information and a link to the online payment provider. Our cafeteria also sells items such as Cool Ranch Doritos, Flamas Doritios, Cheetos, Cookies and Rice Crispy Treats. Students my purchase switch drinks and bottled water in addition to milk. Click to access the online payment center.


Canvas: UCPS will use Canvas as our LMS (Learning Management System).

Parents, do you have questions about Canvas? We have answers. Connect and chat with us on Monday, Aug. 31 at 6 p.m. on Facebook Live @UCPSNC! Members of the academics team will show you how to access key Canvas parent resources and provide tips for frequently asked questions.


In order to help address concerns, please identify priority areas for assistance by completing this Google form.


As a reminder, Canvas resources are available on the UCPS/your school’s website and be accessed at any time. To access this page, visit your school’s webpage, click on I Want To and look for Access Canvas Resources in this section.


Parents may find this information very valuable as you prepare to support your children. Click here to access the Canvas Parent Readiness Checklist . Additional Technology Tutorials are available here. I would encourage you to spend time with your child exploring this resources.


Chromebook Support: You may email Mrs. Kovach ( or Mrs. Phillips ( if you have issues with your chromebook. Click on this link for a variety of resources that you will hopefully find to be very helpful.

Kindergarten and First Grade students must also complete the COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) form. They are available here in English and in Spanish. These forms are also available to print from the Antioch Elementary Website.


College Colors Day: The week of August 31st is College Colors Week. Staff and students are encouraged to wear your college colors.


Farm Art Contest: Click this link to access the contest information.


Kindergarten Arrival: Kindergarten parents will not bring their children into the gym this week. All students should enter the building on their own. I have staff members ready to escort students to the classroom.


Powerschool Information: Any parent who needs to obtain their child's powerschool information may email Mrs. Hansen ( or Mrs. Perry (


Remote Learning: I plan to survey parents soon regarding remote learning. Our staff continues to revise and improve their processes. Parents can expect to see this survey by the middle of September.


School Dismissal Manager:  We have good news!  For your convenience, Antioch Elementary School proudly announces that we will begin utilizing a new on-line dismissal management system this fall called School Dismissal Manager (SDM).

Please view this short video for an overview of the School Dismissal Manager. It is dependable, easy-to-use, and can be updated by parents and guardians from the convenience of their smart phones, tablets, and PCs.


Through the on-line dismissal management system, you can:


  • Report student absences and late arrivals
  • Schedule early departures from school
  • Schedule after-school activities such as scouting, clubs or sports, enrichment classes, etc.
  • Make transportation changes as late as 1:00 PM on the current day


… and so much more!


We will begin using SDM for dismissal on Monday, August 31, 2020.  Before we convert to this new system, we will provide you with additional information and an email will be sent to you directly from SDM.  The email from SDM will contain important instructions and your personal login credentials.  Once you receive your credentials, please use them to log into the new system so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with it and set up your child’s default dismissal and routine.


Until September 25th please continue to report transportation changes by phone or email to the front office.


As of Monday, September 28th, all transportation changes will be accepted only through SDM.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email or or call the school at 704-296-3005.


Special Area Classes: All special area content for remote learning is required for students. Our specials area team has worked diligently to create this content.


Sudden Dismissal Google Form: Our school could experience a sudden dismissal due to inclement weather. We ask ALL parents to complete this form ASAP.  Here are the links:

 Kindergarten Sudden Dismissal

1st Grade Sudden Dismissal

2nd Grade Sudden Dismissal

3rd Grade Sudden Dismissal

4th Grade Sudden Dismissal

5th Grade Sudden Dismissal 

Webb Sudden Dismissal

UCPS Student Handbook: Students, Parents and Staff may access the UCPS Student Handbook using this link.


Thank you for supporting our school - working  together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!