October 25, 2020

Message from Mr. Childers October 25, 2020


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary.  Our staff is very excited to welcome face to face students back to school four days per week and to provide live instruction four days per week for our virtual academy students.


 All virtual academy students will begin instruction with their new teacher on Monday. The teacher should have communicated his or her schedule with you already. Students are expected to participate in live lessons as scheduled.


The staff at Antioch will provide on-demand content for remote learning on Friday's using Canvas. It is VERY important that staff, students and parents continue to keep their skills fresh with the Canvas platform. Should school close in the future, students will access content via this platform.


Teachers will provide assignments to students if they are absent from school (face to face) or if they are absent from a live virtual lesson. Teachers will NOT provide recorded instruction unless a child is excluded from school or the child is absent for more than 5 day for an excused absence.


I greatly appreciate your patience as our school has continued to work through the many challenges of operating in such  difficult times.


The Antioch Elementary School Improvement Team will meet on Wednesday. Parents may email questions to your grade level representative.


Antioch Parent Representatives

Kindergarten Parent Representative -  Mr. Moe Peterson moepeterson13@gmail.com

First Grade Parent Representative - Mrs. Sarah Camhi smeltzer28@hotmail.com

Second Grade Parent Representative - Mr. David Long david_long@premierInc.com

Third Grade Parent Representative - Mrs. Kelly Huntley Oblivion821@hotmail.com

Fourth Grade Parent Representative - Mrs. Stefanie Aranda s-aranda@outlook.com

Fifth Grade Parent Representative -  Mrs. Shawna Lauer shawnalauer@gmail.com


Report Cards will be sent home on Thursday with students. Our school will send the report cards of Virtual Students via US Mail.


The Antioch Elementary Virtual Academy Council will hold a meeting on Thursday, October 29th. Parents may use this form to provide questions related to Virtual Academy.


I encourage parents to review this video to guide your understanding of your child's Istation reports. Thank you to Mrs. Sherri Barber for creating this useful tool.


Grade 3-5 Chromebook

Last week  389 of our 451 Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students received their new chromebook. Parents of Virtual students may use the Chromebook Exchange Form to schedule a time to exchange. Exchange times will be 8:00am - 10:00am and 12:00pm - 1:00pm on Monday - Wednesday of this week. The location will be in the front lobby. Parents  must bring their chromebook and charger. Please wrap up the cord for easy transport. Remove dongles for wireless devices from your current computer before exchanging. Parents should wait at the front door of the school during your designated time.


Devices for K-1 Students: Our school will not issue a chromebook to each Kindergarten and First Grade student. A parent who is in need of a device for their Kindergarten or First Grade student may request one using this link. I will send a confirmation email to all K/1 parents who previously requested a device. Our school should be able to distribute devices during the week on October 26th.


Afternoon Dismissal Changes:

Kindergarten and First grade students who do not have siblings in grades 2-5, may be dismissed in car rider line at 1:50pm. This process will begin on Monday, October 19th.  A family that has a Kindergarten and Second grade student would NOT be able to pick up until 2:05 (as usual). This new process is only for families with Kindergarten or First Grade students.


Simply stated… Please do not arrive for car rider line until 2:05 pm unless you only are picking up Kindergarten and First Grade Students ONLY.


Our school is making these changes due to the anticipation of more than 400 car riders in the afternoon. The early (1:50pm) pick up of Kindergarten and First Grade Only and the use of the bus parking lot (after 2:10pm)  for Fourth/Fifth Graders and Siblings will hopeful alleviate afternoon traffic congestion.


Bus Transportation: All parents of students who use UCPS bus transportation this year will be asked to complete a weekly Attestation Form. The form provides assurance that parents are NOT sending at risk student on the bus. Click here to access the electronic form.

Parents may access a printable version here as well as other related information regarding transportation.


Cafeteria:  Our cafeteria serves hot and healthy meals daily. Access the breakfast  or lunch menu. Download the Mobile Menu App for your smartphone which will provide  interactive lunch nutritional information and a link to the online payment provider. Our cafeteria also sells items such as Cool Ranch Doritos, Flamas Doritios, Cheetos, Cookies and Rice Crispy Treats. Students my purchase switch drinks and bottled water in addition to milk. Click to access the online payment center.


Breakfast Menu

Monday- Lucky Charms, Diced pears, and Milk Choice

Tuesday- Cinnamon Bun, Apple Juice and Milk choice

Wednesday- Chicken Biscuit, Grape Juice and Milk choice

Thursday- Cinnamon Toasters, Orange Juice and Milk choice


Lunch Menu

Monday- Popcorn chicken or Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Stick, Green Sweet Peas, Fresh pears, and Choice of Milk

Tuesday-Cheese Pizza or Pork Chopper on Whole Wheat Bun, Sweet Potato Fries, Sliced Peaches, and Choice of Milk

Wednesday- Cheese Stick Dippers with Marinara Sauce or Submarine Sandwich, Green Beans, Apple and Choice of Milk

Thursday- Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla with Chips or Corn Dog, BBq Beans, Pineapple Applesauce and Choice of Milk


Powerschool Information: Any parent who needs to obtain their child's powerschool information may email Mrs. Hansen (elisabeth.hansen@ucps.k12.nc.us) or Mrs. Perry (tricia.perry@ucps.k12.nc.us). I would encourage all parents of students in grades third, fourth and fifth to obtain this information. This will give you access to the parent portal and you can see your child's grades and missing assignments.


PTO Newsletter and Information: Click here to access the most recent PTO Newsletter.


Birthday Treats will not be permitted at Antioch this year. Due to the many additional tasks required of our staff due to COVID-19, we cannot accept birthday treats of any kind in the classroom.

Personal Items: (Snacks, water bottles, lunches, homework:  Sometimes students forget items at home - parents are permitted to bring prescription eye wear, prescription medicine and other items deemed essential by the school. The school will not permit the drop off lunch and homework unless the child has a special diet and our cafeteria cannot accommodate the child's needs.  Parents will only be permitted to drop off clothing items if the child's clothing becomes soiled during the school day. All students should bring coats, jackets and face covering daily at the beginning of the day. These items will not be permitted to be dropped off during the day. The school will provide a face covering for your child if they forget their face covering at home. Students should bring a sweatshirt or light jacket to school. It may be very warm outside however the classrooms might be chilly with the reduced number of students in classrooms. I encourage parents to write your child's name in their jacket. Our school has dozens of unclaimed items of clothing each year.

New School Dismissal Manager!

*This app will our main system used for early dismissals, checking out, tardies, transportation changes, etc.*

School Dismissal Manager notifies the school of your updates so that it is no longer necessary for you to phone the school, send notes, or send an email to inform the school of dismissal changes. 

School Dismissal Manager will provide us with a more organized and efficient tracking system for afternoon dismissals.

Create an Account:

Go to schooldismissalmanager.com click on "Forgot Password" feature to set a new password and get into the system.  You will use your email as the username.  You need to create your account on a computer first and then you can load the App on your phone.

For more information: https://www.schooldismissalmanager.com


For a quick start guide: School Dismissal Quick Start Guide

For any additional questions please contact Tricia Perry tricia.perry@ucps.k12.nc.us 


UCPS Holiday Card Contest is now open. Please see the attachment for more details. The deadline for entry is 5:00pm on 10/30/2020.

Dates of Interest:

11/3 - Optional Teacher Workday

11/11 - No School - Veteran's Day

11/16 - Spirit Week - College Gear

11/17 - Dual Language Advisory Council

11/18 - School Improvement Team Meeting

11/25 - Optional Teacher Workday

11/26 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Holiday


Thank you for supporting our school - working  together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!