November 15, 2020

Message from Mr. Childers November 15, 2020


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary.  Students and Staff have 32 school days remaining in the second grading period. This week at Antioch is a busy week that will host three opportunities for parents to provide feedback about our school.


The next meeting of the Antioch Dual Language Advisory Council will take place on Tuesday, November 17th. Parents may email representatives to share questions or concerns. Click this link to access the DLI Advisory Council Page where you will find contact information for parent representatives.


The Antioch Elementary School Improvement Team will meet on Wednesday, November 18th. Parents may access the Antioch Elementary School Improvement Plan by clicking on this link. Feel free to email questions or concerns to SIT Parent Representatives. Contact information for SIT members can be found here.


Antioch Elementary has Twenty Two Percent of our students who are learning via the Virtual Academy. The next meeting for the Antioch Elementary Virtual Academy Council will take place on Thursday, November 19th.  Parents may click on this link to access the contact information for the VA Council Representatives. Parents are welcome to email questions to your parent representatives.


Antioch Elementary provides every student with access to IXL Learning. This resource is particularly helpful if the student utilizes the continuous diagnostic. This requires each student to login to IXL, click the diagnostic arena and complete the diagnostic. The diagnostic should take place each week and takes approximately fifteen minutes. A current diagnostic score provides recommendations for your child that are appropriate for his or her current developmental level.


Encourage your child to maintain  a pinpointed Diagnostic Level.

The current Antioch Elementary School Diagnostic Data for IXL:


Students with


Diagnostic Level

In Math

Students with


Diagnostic Level

In Language Arts




First Grade



Second Grade



Third Grade



Fourth Grade



Fifth Grade




You may find these videos helpful as well.

IXL Smart Score

IXL Continuous Diagnostic


I encourage parents to review this video to guide your understanding of your child's Istation reports. Thank you to Mrs. Sherri Barber for creating this useful tool.


During the week of November 30th, our third, fourth and fifth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in their classroom Spelling Bee. Winners will be declared no later than Wednesday, December 2nd. Your child's teacher will communicate the date for his/her classroom Spelling Bee. Virtual classrooms will have the opportunity to participate as well, however students must report to school on the day of the classroom Spelling Bee to protect the integrity of the process. All students will be screened in accordance with our safety protocols. Virtual students will NOT be mixed with face to face students. Please be reminded that participation in the Spelling Bee is optional. Antioch Elementary will hold the school Spelling Bee on Thursday, December 10th @ 9:00am. Classroom winners will participate in person with social distancing guidelines observed. Teachers, Students and Parents will have the ability to watch the contest virtually as our school will stream the Spelling Bee. Students must be present on the day of both the classroom and school competitions if they wish to participate.  The Scripps National Spelling Bee 2020 - 2021 School Spelling Bee Study List is attached to this email.


Cafeteria:  Our cafeteria serves hot and healthy meals daily. Breakfast and Lunch is free for ALL students throughout this school year. Access the breakfast  or lunch menu. Download the Mobile Menu App for your smartphone which will provide  interactive lunch nutritional information and a link to the online payment provider. Our cafeteria also sells items such as Cool Ranch Doritos, Flamas Doritios, Cheetos, Cookies and Rice Crispy Treats. Students my purchase switch drinks and bottled water in addition to milk. Click to access the online payment center.


Breakfast Menu

 Monday-Lucky Charms, Strawberry cup, and choice of milk

Tuesday-Chicken Biscuit, Berry cup and choice of milk

Wednesday- Cinnamon Toasters, Applesauce and choice of milk

Thursday-Egg and cheese biscuit, Orange juice and choice of milk


Lunch Menu

Monday-Chicken strips with a fresh roll or Cheese Quesadilla with chips, Corn, Peach cups and choice of milk

Tuesday-Cheese Stick dippers or Corn dog nuggets, Caesar salad, Apple slices and choice of milk

Wednesday- Crispy baked oven chicken with a roll or Queso and chips, Steamed broccoli, Fresh Grapes and choice of milk

Thursday(Thanksgiving dinner for lunch)- Turkey and dressing with a fresh roll or Rib-A-Que sandwich, Sweet potato souffle, green beans, Applesauce cup and choice of milk



PTO Newsletter and Information: Click here to access the most recent PTO Newsletter.


 Dates of Interest:

11/25 - Optional Teacher Workday

11/26 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Holiday

12/14 - First Grade Holiday Party

12/15 - Second Grade Holiday Party

12/16 - Kindergarten Holiday Party

12/16 - School Improvement Team Meeting

12/16 - Fourth Grade Holiday Party

12/17 - Third Grade Holiday Party

12/17 - Fifth Grade Holiday Party

12/22 - 1/4 - Winter Break

1/18 - MLK Holiday


Thank you for supporting our school - working  together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!