February 21, 2021

Message from Mr. Childers February 21, 2021  


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary. Congratulations to Fifth Grader Pranav Premkumar for finishing in second place in the UCPS Spelling Bee on Friday. This is a terrific accomplishment as he was competing against 42 students from elementary and middle schools throughout the district.


There are 61 days of school remaining (50 face to face). I encourage all families to ensure that your children are participating in face to face learning or remote learning activities each day. Teachers will send home progress reports on Monday. Virtual students will receive progress reports via email or US mail. Contact your teacher regarding how he or she plans to share this information. Artwork for the Antioch Yearbook is due on Friday and this is also the deadline for the fifth grade pridelines. Additional information can be found below. The Antioch Elementary School Improvement Team met on Wednesday. You may read questions and responses below.




Will there be an EOG this year?

Will we be taking the EOGs this year.

Seems like students still having issues navigating away from Canvas in Chromebook during school day.  Why still so much Chromebook use? Smart Boards in every class, county cannot deactivate you tube, and teachers cannot monitor every child.  Is it possible that when they finish a task, rather than taking out chromebook, they pull out a book or write in a journal?

We do many paper and pencil tasks as well as reading non-electronic books.  However, we also want students to be tech savvy and to utilize various electronic resources that support our curriculum. Teachers try to have a combination of time on and off devices. We have  a program called LanSchool in which we can see what students are doing on their computer when they are on campus. We encourage concerned parents to reach out to their child’s classroom teacher to discuss the situation.

Demand high right now for students in 4th to “take notes” on videos and slideshows, for presentations and projects; students have not really been taught to pause, take notes, then resume or how to extract pertinent info.

Thank you to Mrs. Leo for offering these suggestions:

Note taking strategies in the upper grades:


If a video, such as BrainPop, is shown, it is often watched twice.  The first viewing students will watch, take brief notes and take in the content.  The second viewing, the teacher will stop and pause for intentional notes.  Students are expected to follow along and take notes by drawing pictures and/or writing key information/vocabulary.  At the conclusion of a video, the teacher shares his/her notes via document camera or typed slides.  The notes are also posted to Canvas if students need to go back and re-read. 

Parents looking for an update on technology/virtual learning. For example, if a child is home due to an individual quarantine (not the whole class), can they be a part of some sort of live instruction. Also, is there a possibility of more live learning on Fridays

Mr. Childers met with a group of teacher leaders to discuss this issue earlier in the year.  The team discussed what should happen when a child is excluded due to COVID. We thought about this issue from the student perspective, parent perspective and the eacher perspective.  It was decided that the teacher could choose one of three options when a child is excluded: teach live sharing the virtual link, record a live lesson and later share the link to the recording, or provide on-demand lessons. To our knowledge, all teachers have chosen one of these options when a student is excluded.  

On Fridays, some parents prefer live instruction and others prefer on-demand. This year has been very difficult for teachers.  Mr. Childers decided that providing on-demand on Fridays gives them time to catch up and balance all that they are being asked to do.

House Bill 37 could bring all students back to school in Plan A in North Carolina. It is unclear this would be 4 days or 5 days a week. If we go back to school five days a week, we would have to revamp our expectations for providing instruction when students are excluded.

Has there been any change in expectation to the type of face masks that are acceptable?

No, there has not been any change in expectation.  However, it is important that the covering fit so that it will stay on so that it covers the nose and mouth.

Recently Mr. Childers mentioned that he expects more kindergarten classes next year.  How will Antioch manage this?

It will be tight to fit more kindergarten classrooms of students in our building but we do not anticipate getting more mobile units. It is possible that the UCPS Board of Education could cap Antioch at some point which means that no new students could be enrolled. It is also possible at some point where the Board would redraw some of our district lines.  Mr. Childers has been doing calculations and says that at some grade levels we can add more students and still be fine.  Some parents kept kindergarten students out of school this year.  Some of these students might enroll as kindergarteners and others might enter as first graders.

Antioch Elementary will celebrate Read Across America next week.

Read Across America WEEK is coming!  We have a fun filled week of reading planned for all classes to enjoy, whether your student attends in-person or virtually!  Classes will enjoy reading themed books the week of March 1-5.   Each day has a theme, and your student is encouraged to dress up each day. 


Monday, March 1- Read about influential athletes and wear something to represent your favorite sport or team!

Tuesday, March 2- Read about famous Americans and dress like one you admire!

Wednesday, March 3- Read a silly story and dress as your favorite book character! 

Thursday, March 4- Read about a different culture and wear something to represent your family's culture or hometown. 

Friday, March 5- Read your favorite book and wear your favorite color!


Kindergarten registration is now open! Parents will use scribbles to enroll students. Then click on the scribbles link.


Kindergarten Virtual Open House Sessions

March 8th @ 9:00am

April 13th @ 6:00pm (Note: This session occurs after the DL Lottery Deadline.)

May 11th @ 9:00am (Note: This session occurs after the DL Lottery Deadline.)


The lottery for kindergarten immersion will be open from March 1-31, 2021. UCPS will host a district-level parent information night where we share general information about Mandarin and Spanish immersion. Details for this meeting are below. Click here for a flyer. Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Time: 6:00 p.m.

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/DLIkinderinfosession



Calling all Antioch artists!  We want to see what amazing artwork Antioch Elementary students have to contribute to our yearbook this year.  All entries should highlight a favorite memory the student has enjoyed during COVID. Our goal is to include as many entries as possible in the yearbook.

Here are the rules for submission:

  1. Art must be on a plain white 8.5×11 sheet of paper, no lines.
  2. The student’s name and grade must be written on the bottom right corner of the artwork.
  3. All entries should highlight a favorite memory the student has enjoyed during COVID.
  4. Students must use colored pencils or markers.
  5. Submit artwork to your student’s teacher.
  6. Entries must be submitted to the student’s teacher NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26,  2021. No exceptions.
  7. Have fun!


Parents of Fifth Grade Students may submit Pridelines for the Antioch Yearbook. This is for 5th Grade Students ONLY. Please use this link to make your submission. The deadline is February 26, 2021.


Is your child going to be LATE, ABSENT, LEAVING EARLY? 

Please use the SDM app to let the front office know!  

This helps us check in and check out students much quicker!

Need to change their transportation? 


Use the following link or App:  schooldismissalmanager.com


For the App Links look below:



For a quick start guide look below:

School Dismissal Quick Start Guide

For any additional questions please contact Tricia Perry 



Union County Public Schools Afterschool Program will soon begin enrolling students for the 2021 - 2022 school year. Click here to access the information.


Cafeteria: Breakfast and Lunch is now free for all students for the remainder of the school year.  All classroom teachers will be asked to collect daily lunch numbers and submit this three question google form daily by 8:00am.




Monday-Lucky Charms, Mix berry cup, milk choice

Tuesday-Sausage Biscuit, Strawberry cup and milk choice

Wednesday-Cinnamon Toasters, Peaches and milk choice

Thursday-Egg and Cheese biscuit, Pears, milk choice



Monday-Chicken nuggets with a roll or BBQ sandwich, Corn, Pears and milk choice

Tuesday-Cheese Stix Dippers or Beefy Macaroni with Garlic bread, Sweet potato fries, Peaches and milk choice

Wednesday-Beefy nachos or Chicken salad sandwich, Lemon carrots, Strawberries and milk choice

Thursday-Hamburger or Hot Dog, Fries, Applesauce and milk choice


IXL is a great way to support your child with Math.

Encourage your child to maintain a pinpointed Diagnostic Level which will influence his or her skill recommendations from IXL Learning. Every child should maintain a pinpointed diagnostic score.


Current Grade Level Statistics


Students with


Diagnostic Level

In Math

Students with


Diagnostic Level

In Language Arts


60% up 1%

41% down 2%

First Grade

75% up 1%

73% up 5%

Second Grade

73% up 2%

64% up 3%

Third Grade

72% down 4%

68% down 1%

Fourth Grade

82% up 1%

47% up 1%

Fifth Grade

71% up 3%

27% up 7%


You may find these videos helpful as well.

IXL Smart Score

IXL Continuous Diagnostic


PTO Newsletter and Information: Click here to access the most recent PTO Newsletter.


2020-2021 Yearbook Information:

Yearbooks are now available for purchase online.  Please use this link to order: ybpay.lifetouch.com

Enter the ID Code 10727321. Yearbooks start at $20

Ordering Deadline is March 12, 2021. Our school will have a very limited number of yearbooks for purchase beyond the date. If you want a yearbook… place your order now!


In Person Learners:  If your child missed both picture days at school and you would like for them to be included in the yearbook please submit a picture of your child.  Picture should have a plain white or blue background from the chest up.  The child's face and shoulders should be what is mostly in the photo.  A good example of what we need is a picture like a passport photo.  Please send your pictures to Kim Cunningham at  antiochptoyearbook@gmail.com

Make sure to include CHILD'S FULL NAME and TEACHER.


Virtual Learners:  If your child is in a virtual K-5 class and you would like them pictured in the yearbook we need to get a picture of them to include.  Many of our virtual students DID NOT get a school picture taken by Lifetouch.  This is how pictures are included in our yearbook.  In order to have a picture of your child included we need a picture of your child taken with a plain or white background from the chest up.  The child's face and shoulders should be what is mostly in the photo.  A good example of what we need is a picture like a passport photo.  Please send your pictures to Kim Cunningham at  antiochptoyearbook.com

Make sure to include CHILD'S FULL NAME and TEACHER.


 Dates of Interest:

3/2 - Read Across America Day

3/4 - Remote Learning (Thursday)

3/5 - Teacher Workday

3/8 - Virtual Kindergarten Open House - 9:00am

3/9 - Spring Pictures

3/19 - End of Third Grading Period

3/26 - Report Cards Go Home

4/1 - Teacher Workday

4/2 - 4/9 - Spring Break


Thank you for supporting our school - working  together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!