August 15, 2021

Message from Mr. Childers

August 15, 2021


Hello Parents,


This is Tom Childers contacting you from Antioch Elementary. This will be very busy at our school.

Teachers will receive their class lists and will call parents to introduce themselves on August 16th or August 17th. Kindergarten Assessments will take place on Tuesday, August 17th. Parents may use this link to schedule their child for the assessment. This session is NOT for DLI students. Students who miss the assessment will be screened during their staggered enrollment day. 


On Wednesday, August 18th, our school will host a new family orientation. Due to high participation in this event, I am requesting that any parent who has a Kindergarten student or First Grade student attend an earlier session at 9:00am. This will allow our staff to ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed. If you have a Kindergartener, Second Grader and Fourth Grader for example… you may bring all three students to the 9:00am session. You may attend the 10:00am session if your schedule does not permit the late change. Please use this link to register your family if you have not already done so. This will be your opportunity to receive a tour of the building and meet other families.


On August 19th, our school will hold an Open House for all students in grades K-5.  Our school will offer two sessions:

Session 1 - 11:00am - 12:00pm (Last name A-K)

  • 11:00am - 12:00pm - Parents and students may visit the teacher or obtain other information about the school in the gym or cafeteria.


Session 2 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm (Last name L-Z)

  • 4:30pm - 5:30pm - Parents and students may visit the teacher or obtain other information about the school in the gym or cafeteria.


Face coverings for students and adults are optional. Please maintain social distancing at all times. Our teachers will create a curriculum presentation that will be accessible from the Antioch Elementary Website. I will provide a direct link to those presentations ASAP. Open House is a drop-in event and is not intended for teacher-parent conferences. Please schedule a time to meet virtually or on the phone with your child's teacher if you require an extended conversation. Our teachers need to greet all families and collect important information in preparation for the first day of school.


COVID Information

The UCPS Board Education has voted to make face coverings optional for ALL students and staff. Bus riders are required to wear face coverings at all times per the Federal CDC mandate. Our staff will continue to implement protocols to ensure the safety of students and staff. Social distancing will be practiced and our goal is to maintain six feet physical distancing between classes to limit close contacts.  Students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands frequently. Students will not use the cafeteria for lunch or breakfast, these activities will take place in the classroom or outdoors, each teacher will make this choice. Students will participate in outdoor recess daily (weather permitting). Classes will be kept separate and students will not be permitted to mix with other classes. Most students will remain in their homeroom classroom throughout the day. Students who change classes will maintain six feet social distancing from students of other classes. UCPS with partner with Union County Public Health to conduct contact tracing. Water fountains will be available for bottle filling only. Please send your child to school with a reusable water bottle. High surface areas will continue to be cleaned and sanitized by our custodial staff. Visitors are not allowed for classroom celebrations or eating lunch. Visitors will be allowed for academic related reasons, but will be limited.


Parents will not be permitted to walk students to class or have lunch with their child. UCPS is permitting Field Trips at this time. Antioch will only participate in on campus trips for the first semester and will reevaluate off campus trips for the second semester. All parent-teacher meetings, 504, and IEP meetings will be conducted virtually again this year. Our school will not accept items that students forgot at home after the 7:30am bell unless the item is critical (medicine, prescription eye glasses or lunch for students  who have dietary restrictions). Our school will continue to utilize the doorbell camera to communicate with visitors. Parents may access FAQ by clicking this link.


Quarantine is required for an individual who has been a close contact (within six feet for at least 15 minutes cumulatively over a 24-hour period) of someone who is determined positive with COVID-19 with the following three exceptions:

  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated and do not have symptoms do not need to quarantine after a close contact (it is recommended to get tested 3-5 days after exposure and to wear a face covering around others until receiving a negative test result).
  • People who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 3 months and recovered and do not have symptoms do not need to quarantine.
  • Students who are not fully vaccinated after a close contact in a classroom or other school setting if face coverings were being worn consistently by both the person with COVID-19 and the potentially exposed person do not need to quarantine. This applies to exposures in classrooms, other in-school settings, and school transportation. This exception does not apply to teachers, staff or other adults in the indoor classroom setting.



Car Riders

Antioch Elementary will continue to practice social distancing at dismissal as well. Kindergarten and First Grade ONLY will begin dismissing at 1:50pm. We ask that parents  arrive for K/1 dismissal no earlier than 1:40pm. Dismissal for Kindergarten and First Grade ONLY will occur in the main car rider line. Second and Third Grade car riders will be dismissed from the main car rider line at 2:00pm. Any parent who is picking up a Second or Third grade student SHOULD NOT arrive until 2:00pm. Students will not be ready for dismissal and you will hold up the car rider line. Fourth and Fifth grade students and their siblings will be dismissed from the bus lot beginning at 2:15pm. Please do not arrive before 2:10pm as the extra traffic will back up onto Antioch Church Road and create a traffic flow issue. DO NOT pull onto the bus lot until directed to do so by our staff. We ask that all parents please follow directions from our staff during drop off and pick up. Morning car rider drop off will occur in the main car rider line and in the bus lot. Do not enter the bus lot unless directed to do so. Our staff will signal you when it is clear for your child to unload. Please have your child ready to exit the car. Parents are welcome to park and walk their child to the front door. Please use the crosswalk and cross when directed to do so by our staff. Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way in the car rider line… please be cautious when crossing.


School Supplies

Pre-ordered school supplies will be delivered to your child's classroom. Parents may access the school supply list by using this link.



We are very excited to welcome your Kindergarteners to Antioch! Teachers will call to introduce themselves on Wednesday, August 18th. Your Kindergartener will attend school ONLY one day during the first week of school (staggered enrollment). This process provides time for your child to learn classroom routines and give the teacher time to get to know your child. The teacher will assign your child's staggered day during the introductory phone call. No Kindergarten students will attend school on Friday, August 27th. Our Kindergarten staff will offer a virtual session for parents at 10:00am to answer questions about the upcoming school year. Kindergarten students may be dropped off between 7:00am - 7:30am daily OR students may arrive at 7:45am. If you choose the later window, please park in the bus lot and enter the gym. You may take photos and transition your child directly to our staff. We will offer this option during the week of staggered enrollment and the week of August 30th. I recommend that you permit your child to enter the building on their own on Thursday, September 2nd and Friday, September 3rd. This will facilitate a smooth transition for the following week. The 7:45am drop-off for Kindergarten will end after Labor Day.


Parents may attend the open house session that best meets your scheduling needs. This event will provide an opportunity for you to obtain information about the Antioch PTO, our After School Care Program, Transportation and Child Nutrition.


I look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Thank you for supporting our school - working together as one team on one mission, we are meeting needs, challenging minds, and celebrating accomplishments.


Until next time… Have a great day!