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Article 1

During our transportation theme, we used our pretend airplane and a world map to travel around the world.  With the plane, we stopped at various places like the North Pole (where Santa Claus lives) and the South Pole.  But, Australia’s position on the map made it interesting to look at and as a result, we talked about Australia. 

In the book, On the Go, we figured out we couldn’t go to Australia by foot or by bus.  But we could go to Australia by boat or by airplane. In our reading area, the students were able to travel to Australia with a figure airplane and a globe.  It was interesting to hear one student say, “I would fall asleep on the plane” when traveling the distance to Australia.

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Article 2

Australia is an interesting place. Did you know Australia is considered an island, a country and a continent? We were able to use the ABC’s to learn about Australia. 

In the book, Australia ABC’s, we found fun facts about Australia in alphabetical order. In the book, A is for Aborigine, B is for Boomerang, C is for cricket (Australia’s most popular sport), and D is for Didgeridoo.  The students found out that a didgeridoo is a wooden musical instrument hollowed out by insects.  On the internet we were able to listen to a didgeridoo and the students found humor in just pronouncing didgeridoo.  More importantly, we colored the Australian flag, made boomerangs, learned about kangaroos and koalas, and painted a Great Barrier Reef.  The student really enjoyed these activities. 

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