UCVirtual Student of the Six Weeks (5/18/18)

Peyton Thomas Forest Hills High School Union County Virtual is proud to announce Peyton Thomas as the #VirtuallyAwesome Student of the Six Weeks!  Peyton is a junior at Forest Hills High School. She was nominated by her UCVirtual English III teacher, Nicole Shroyer.


Ms. Shroyer did not hesitate when it came time to nominate a student for this honor.  

“Peyton is a fantastic thinker! Her work is always complete and thorough. Her entire schedule is online this semester, as she is taking 2 or 3 courses through Career and College Promise, and she is excelling at all of them.  Peyton is incredibly driven and earned over a 30 on the ACT that was given in February. SHe was also the Stage Manager for a recent production at Forest Hills High School. While she might sound like a lot of other nominees, Peyton has done all of this while battling some health issues. For at least a month, Peyton was traveling more than an hour a day to treatment. However, she never made excuses and never even asked for extensions. She is a remarkable young woman who has greatly impressed me!”


Peyton was given a certificate and a #VirtuallyAwesome t-shirt to recognize her as being the UCVirtual Student of the Six Weeks.  Great job Peyton! You make us proud!


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