UCVirtual Student of the Six Weeks- May 13, 2022

Fabiola Lopez Arias

Sherlyn Rodriguez

UCVirtual is excited to announce our #VirtuallyAwesome students of the Six Weeks! Congratulations to Fabiola Lopez-Arias and Sherlyn Rodriguez-Camacho! Fabiola is a graduating senior at Union County Early College and Sherlyn is a current sophomore at Forest Hills High School.

Fabiola Lopez-Arias is taking UCVirtual’s Success 2.0 class. Her teacher, Ms. Alicia Swackhamer, was excited at the opportunity to nominate her. “Fabiola pours her heart into her assignments. She is able to regulate her time and is motivated to complete all her assignments. She made amazing personal videos for her capstone project that show her potential is limitless!” stated her teacher Ms. Swackhamer. 

Sherlyn Rodriguez is enrolled in UCVirtual’s Mythology class taught by Mrs. Allison Sweeney. “Sherlyn is truly deserving of the student of the 6 weeks. Despite multiple challenges, Sherlyn is always more than willing to sit together to go over the course material. She is extremely intelligent and analytical, her artistic skills are without rival. It is my pleasure to nominate Sherlyn for this award,” remarked Mrs. Sweeney.

Fabiola and Sherlyn both received a #VirtuallyAwesome Certificate and UCVirtual #VirtuallyAwesome t-shirt to recognize them as outstanding students!  We are extremely proud to honor these students and their achievements, they are truly #VirtuallyAwesome!