September 19, 2019 Meeting Agenda/Notes

9/18/19 SIT Minutes


Present:  Tom Childers, Constance Kelly, Sherri Barber, Janet Jonas, Jenny Kluttz, Jennifer Battenfield, Lyric Pieri, Sarah Camhi, Erika Benavides, Stefanie Aranda, Shawna Lauer, Sarah Wilson, Lauren White, David Long, Taylor Webb, Emiko Vanderlip, Connie Adams, Lisa Schilling, Robin Love, Chris Cruse


Mr. Childers welcomed the team and reviewed the agenda.


Questions from parent representatives:


How much time screen time are students experiencing on Chrome books during the day.  

  • Teachers responded that a great portion of the day is spent face-to-face.  Technology is used for researching, collaborating, and some assessing. We estimate that no more that 15% per day is spent on an average day.

Is it a district mandate that we take time each year for the Boy and Girl Scouts to meet with our students?

  • It takes 15-20 minutes per year.  It is not a district mandate but it is traditionally what we do every year.

When students are in mobile units, what happens during a lock-down drill?

  • We “hide in place” during a lock-down, so students would stay in the mobile units.
  • For a “soft lock down” we bring the students inside.
  • For a tornado drill, all students come in the building.

Bus 88 has a variety of drivers is often off-schedule.  What is being done about this?

  • The transportation department is in charge of hiring bus drivers.  We try to communicate with these parents via Connect Ed.


The group reviewed the SMART goals for each grade level, K-5. 


Mr. Childers showed how parents and other stakeholders can access the School Improvement Plan from the Antioch website.   


Review of Goals:

A1.05 - ALL teachers individualize instructional planning in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment to provide support enhanced learning opportunities for students.

  • Erica Benavides shared our progress on this indicator.

A1.07 - ALL teachers employ effective classroom management and reinforce classroom rules and procedures by positively teaching them.

  • Lauren White shared our progress on this indicator.  

B2.03 - The school has established a team structure among teachers with specific duties and time for instructional planning.

  • Amy Bleakley shared our progress on this indicator.


*Teams should put all evidence in the shared Google Drive folder.


Teams collaborated on their assigned goals.


Meeting was adjourned.