October 16, 2019 Meeting/Agenda Notes

October 16, 2019

SIT Meeting Agenda


Attendance - NC Star


Review of Agenda

PTO Funding Requests - Add Suggestions Here

Document Projectors (some are really old and fuzzy resolution with the new NEC projectors)

Leveled books for the BookRoom (some levels only have one tub)

Questions/Concerns from SIT Reps



NC Star Team Reporting

SMART Goals - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AQ_Us2ImCmx3wPEO8vjrUpyQO90nImAgD-hmLykUOXU/edit?usp=sharing


A1.04/Months/Benavides- A1.04: ALL teachers assess student progress frequently using a variety of evaluation methods and make appropriate curriculum adjustments based on results. - Discussed how these actions are happening currently and they have a plan for documenting these actions.


A3.04/Year/White- A3.04: Unit pre-tests and post-tests results are reviewed by the Instructional Teams to make decisions about curriculum and instructional plans and to flag students in need of intervention or enrichment. - Most action items are “in progress” but are not ready to be marked as “complete.” One area that still needs addressed is--- Connect with students to create individual goals and meet those goals through student choice using creativity and innovation.


A4.05/Year/Benavides A4.05: ALL teachers teach and reinforce positive social skills, self-respect, relationships, and responsibility for the consequences of decisions and actions. - Team has started collecting some evidence for their actions. The SIT members discussed the action “continued work on following our Gator and classroom rules” and brainstormed ideas.


Team Collaboration

Adjourn Meeting