7.1.2020 Connect Ed


Hello Parents,

This is Mr. Ferguson with a New Salem Update.

I want to take a few moments to share with you the most recent updates regarding next school year.

Governor Cooper was scheduled to tell everyone today what plan we would start our school year. He is not going to release that plan today and I have not heard when he will. I fully recognize that parents need to know what direction NC is heading, but that’s out of our control. What IS is in our control is how New Salem is currently preparing for what we do know.

Our teachers have already come together, analyzed the 133 pages of restrictions provided by the state, and made draft precaution procedures for how we should do business to protect our kiddos when they return regardless of if it is “Plan A” or “Plan B”.

Later in July, after the Governor has released his plan and UCPS releases their expectations for principals, our team will again meet and create the New Salem Standard of Excellence for Remote Learning in our school. Our standards will ensure that parents of all grades know what learning will look like this year and our teachers have the resources and structures to allow them to provide excellent learning opportunities if and when we experience remote learning in the future.

I want you to know that New Salem Elementary will be planned and prepared for whatever comes our way. However, since this is all new, we anticipate and expect to make mistakes along the way, which we will leverage to make us better.

Here are a few more details you will be interested in:

*All New Salem vacancies have been filled with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

*Union County Public Schools Board of Education has revised the 20-21 calendar since the RNC is not coming to Charlotte. Please go to the UCPS website so you can see the changes.


*Typically, New Salem releases a calendar of events for the school year that the school hosts, such as the fun run, Grandparents Day, and the like. Because so much is uncertain as to future restrictions we are going to hold off on scheduling school events. It is easier to add events down the road than disappoint our students by cancelling events all along. However, our school team will be considering what events can be enhanced with tech to allow the event to happen in a different way. More information to come as we get more information.

*As we learn more about the restrictions in August we will be able to make some decisions on how Open House will look this year. Currently, we just don’t have enough information to plan those events.

Thank you parents for your ongoing support.


Mr. Ferguson