8.26.2020 Week 1 Reflections

Hello New Salem Parents,

This is Mr. Ferguson with a New Salem Update.

This week we have reflected on week 1 of school and have made some adjustments to continually improve.

Here is what our staff is working on and what you can expect:

Quality versus quantity of work.


Continued Communication

Live Virtual Small group instruction

New Salem has set a starting point standard for how much time you should be spending on instruction and practice at home on remote learning days. K-2 students would spend no more than 120 minutes working and 3-5 students should spend no more than 180 minutes working. Teachers will be focusing on producing quality instructional videos and work that should fit those time parameters. Keep in mind...this is the target and your child may take less or more time based on their level of support needed, work ethic, and other factors.

Teachers will be working diligently to make their Canvas page very navigable and that their work is easy to access and that links and assignments work.

You all have access to your teachers via email. However, in addition, your teacher will be calling you during the month of September to check in with you specifically about how school is going.

Our goal for September is that every student, by the end of September, will be in a routine of meeting with their teacher for a live virtual small group lesson in reading and math.

I hope that with these 4 targets for the month of September you will see reduced workload at home with an uptick in ease of accessibility. We look forward to continuing to get your feedback on being better every day. Finally, we are excited to form a routine of getting students online for small group instruction during the month of September, one for reading and once for math.