2020-2021 SIT Team and Meetings

Every school in NC maintains a team that manages, monitors, and supports the annual plan that the school uses to improve.  We call the plan our School Improvement Plan and the team that manages it is the School Improvement Team.  

The members of this team are school staff, parents, and sometimes community members.  

This year we will meet monthly and we will alternate our meeting times.  We will either meet from 2:30-4 or 6-7.  All meetings will be held virtually.  You can find this year’s meeting schedule on our website by clicking the “Site Based Management Button.”  The email version of this message will have the link to this page at the bottom of this message.    

We welcome parents to participate.  You do not have to have a certain skill set to be part of the team, however, you must agree to support our school mission, vision, and our values that our faculty members have set as non-negotiables to be a team member at NSES.  In the email version of this message I will include a copy of our mission, vision, values, and long term goals.  

So, if you want to join this team, what do we do?

Each month we will review our school plan strategies that we set to help us reach our goals.  We assess our progress and ensure that we are staying on track to reach our goals.  If we are on track, we celebrate.  If we are off track, we make adjustments to get back on track.  We also collect feedback in an ongoing manner to make sure we are capitalizing on our strengths and downplaying or eliminating our weaknesses as an organization.  

If you would like to join this team please email me at denny.ferguson@ucps.k12.nc.us to express interest.  

Thank you and have a great evening.    


Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals