1.7.2022 Clubs/Lunch/Gun Safety

A flyer is coming home today about some after-school club opportunities.  Enrollment begins Monday.  Please see the flyer for details.  

It’s no secret that Covid cases all around seem to be up.  I really appreciate how well you have communicated with us about positive Covid cases and exposures within your families.  It’s obvious that our community cares about each other and wants to keep each other well even if it is not convenient.  We appreciate you.

Our students for a few months now have been eating lunch in their classrooms to reduce exposures and close contacts related to Covid.  As cases drop after returning from break we will look at transitioning students back to eating in the cafeteria.  If all goes well we plan for all students to eat in the cafe every day starting the week of January 24th.    

Typically, by now, we would have celebrated Grandparent’s Day, however, due to Covid we just have not felt good about risking our grandparents' health.  We will look toward the Spring to see if we can have a Grandparent’s Day celebration in that season. 

On Tuesday, January 11th, our School Resource Officer will be talking with all of our students about gun safety.  The video that she will use for instruction is linked in the email version of this message so you can watch it as well.  If you watch the video and don’t want your child to participate in this safety talk please email me or call my cell so I know to not send them to the assembly.  My email and cell are in the email version of this message.