1.14.2022 Goals and Celebrations

Let’s start with a Covid update.  It’s no secret that Covid cases all around us are up.  But we also are seeing our typical seasonal illnesses, which is no surprise.  Illnesses and quarantines have our absences, both faculty and students at a high.  This week we have averaged around 15% of our students absent each day.  This number is high, but it is on the lower end of what I am hearing reported from many other schools. 

We appreciate your good communication with us and your understanding as we process how to best support families.  Our new nurse, Mrs. Hale started this week and she has already proven to be a wonderful support and resource.

Did you know that your child has set both math and reading goals for the year?  They are also monitoring their progress and thinking about what strategies they use to keep their growth going.  Students who show that they are on track for meeting their goal can participate in growth celebrations.  Please watch the video linked in the email version of this communication to learn all about our student academic goal setting, monitoring, and celebrations. 


Monday is a holiday and Tuesday is a teacher workday.  Students will return on Wednesday unless the county communicates with you otherwise regarding inclement weather.