September 6, 2022

Message from September 6, 2022

Good evening, Wolf Pack families,

In the Board of Education meeting this past Thursday, 9/1/2022, school accountability results were reviewed. Here are the results for Parkwood High School along with some ways that you can help us this year:

Parkwood High School’s overall School Performance Grade (SPG)  was a C – a 69%. Every letter grade is 15 percentage points. We barely missed scoring in the B range by 1 percent. While our overall SPG is a C, our students demonstrated overall academic growth and this is cause for great celebration! Coming back into the school environment was challenging for all of us and I am very proud of the academic progress of our students and of the work our staff has done to prepare our students academically. In school, we can never be satisfied with where we are. While we celebrate our accomplishments, there is always room for improvement.

At Parkwood High School, we have precisely the right staff to educate your students. They are working diligently every single day to make sure that your students receive the instruction they need to be successful in school and after graduation. This is what we ask of you: Please encourage your students to fully engage in every learning opportunity provided by teachers, to resist the distractions, and to always do their best. We also ask that you encourage your student to be in school every single day. Students’ attendance is imperative in order for them to grow academically. When students are not in school, they miss vital instruction from their teachers.

Please join us in this academic journey. It cannot be overstated – It takes a village.

Thank you for your support of Parkwood High School. We appreciate you.

Tracy Strickland, Ed.D.