• Early Voting

    Early Voting begins October 20, 2016. Please vote early or vote on election day on November 8, 2016. Click this link for information from the UC Board of Elections. 

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  • New Resources for UCPS Families!

    The Title I/Federal Programs Department is excited to announce that we now have a Twitter account (@UCPSFamilies) and a Facebook page (UCPS Families)!  We are planning to use these as yet another way to reach families with Family Engagement. Be sure to "like" our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! 

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  • Bond Information - Transportation

    Click here to see what upgrades are included for transportation in the upcoming bond proposal. Transportation upgrades affect the entire county. 

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  • Bond Information

    Please watch this video to learn more about the UCPS Bond. 

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  • The federal No Child Left Behind law requires school districts to notify parents of children attending a Title 1 school of their right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers and teacher assistants who instruct their children. If you would like to view this information please call the school office to request a written copy. 

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  • Parent Resource Room

    Looking for resources to help you support your student? Check out these great resources!

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Featured Stories

  • 2nd Grade Explores Animal Sounds Around the World

    During 2nd grader's first science unit, students have been studying how vibrations can make different sounds. They have explore sound waves and learned about the difference in a high pitch and a low pitch. Students have listened to animal sounds from around the world, all compiled into a “song”. They then had to listen and decipher each sound wave and decide which animal from which country made that particular sound.

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  • 3rd Grade Goes Global

    Third graders have been working hard in Social Studies. They have been learning the seven continents and the different oceans in the world. They were able to take a blank map and label all of the continents and oceans! We then moved into learning about different landforms. We choose one of the landforms to do research on. Students are researching Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain on Earth and is located in Asia. Students will create a brochure with all of the information they learned through researching Mount Everest.

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  • News Around the World

    4th Grade students have been taking a global look of what is going on in the world around them by watching a daily children’s TV news broadcast. The 5 minute bulletins focus in on main headlines from all over the globe and also add in a few humorous or light hearted tid-bits with stories like a Peruvian penguin getting lost and finding themselves in someone’s kitchen, skateboarding dog, or a slow motion video of a controlled demotion.

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