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    Union is excited to announce the launch of our new website! We hope you find the information on this website helpful and easy to access. 

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  •  cup stacking

    “Stacking Up Against Hunger”

    Local stackers contribute food to local food bank while breaking Guinness World Record in sport stacking - “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day”

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  • Globalization in Kindergarten

    All elementary schools are part of the push to have students early on deepen their understanding of the culture of other countries in the world. This builds an interest in learning about the whole world. Students can now begin to understand their significance in the world. When international events happen they can start understanding that we are all citizens of the world. Today’s students will begin to comprehend our connection to sustaining a peaceful world.

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  • Recycled Inventions

    AIG students are creating Environmental Projects using all recycled materials. Fourth and fifth grade AIG students recycle on Thursday mornings. While collecting Union's recycled materials they have been collecting a few materials for their own inventions. Students have created cat boxes, water cans, table pong, a chandelier and more. Here are two inventions. The spirit box is a speaker system created by Lily Trull in which a cell phone fits into the tube and the plastic jugs work as speakers that amplify the sound. The second invention is created by Evan Greene. It is an "E" model that is a system that holds your book on your lap, it has a pencil sharpener and a small white board to take notes. They have shown create ingenuity in their creations.

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