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  • Construction Is In The Air!

    You may have noticed the fence and bulldozer working in the field beside the school and wondered... what is happening? Our school is getting a NEW classroom wing to replace the mobile units that are currently located in the back of the building.

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  • Celebrating Panther Spirit!

    The students in Ms. Montgomery’s fourth grade class recently celebrated, along with the entire school, the Carolina Panthers going to the SuperBowl! There were fun, educational activities planned for each day, such as, ‘Guess How Many Footballs,’ ‘Write About Caring,’ and ‘Panther Jersey Day.’

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  • Ms. Mandel’s 5th Grade Class Creates a Mock Mall

    The class was filled with creative minds and anxious store owners. Laughter and smiles overtook the fifth graders as their products came to life and began to be sold. In social studies, students were learning the difference between a need and a want. Students also gained an understanding for how money travels from one hand to the next, and how one can save or earn more money through interest. Students were tasked with creating a store that sold any product of their choosing.

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