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  • Geiger's Geographers!

    Ms. Geiger’s fourth grade class has been studying the geography and history of North Carolina! Students researched information about the three regions of our home state (the Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains) and used their mapping skills to create their own map of North Carolina! As we studied the different landforms and elevations within each region, our class used various types of candy, colors, symbols, and a compass rose as tools in order to represent the mountains, rolling hills, and sandy beaches/soil of North Carolina. We had a blast becoming geographers and creating our very own maps. Students were engaged and were very determined to create an accurate map using the tools provided to them. As a class, we have really enjoyed learning more about North Carolina and students are excited to see what the rest of fourth grade has in store!

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  • We are a school family!

    During Morning Meeting, Ms. Quick's kindergarten class is learning how to become a school family by creating a safe and positive environment within the classroom. We are becoming Safe Keepers by learning about safe choices and helping others to stay safe. Everyday, we place our heart in a treasure box as a way to show our commitment.

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  • Welcome to 5th Grade...We are leaders!

    In our class we have been working diligently on exceeding expectations around the building in order to set the bar high for our younger peers.

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