• PBIS will be hosting a dance on Friday, February 12th from 7:00-9:00. The theme is "Winter Wonderland" and it is semi-formal. Tickets will be sold on the day of the dance - $5.00 in the morning and $7.00 at the door. Concessions will be sold so plan on having some extra money.

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  • Students who are interested in trying out for spring sports need to have a physical form and insurance waiver completed before tryouts. Please click here and for more information, check the SVABC website.

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  • If you haven't ordered your yearbook yet, there is still time.  Click HERE and our school code is 15804.

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  • Thank you to all who contributed to the Water Project.  Click HERE for an update on the project that SVMS helped sponsor last year.  Then click HERE to see what this year's contributions built!

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  • PTO School Store

    The PTO School Store is now open on Monday mornings outside the Media Center. Click HERE for a price list of items.

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Feature Stories

  •  Student displays their feature article on Day of the Dead

    Articles Feature Holidays around the World

    Sometimes it may seem like there is always some holiday occurring in the United States but as Mrs. Nadata’s students found out, there are lots of holidays that Americans may not have even heard of. Mrs. Nadata incorporated the 6th grade language arts goal of learning about feature articles and holidays from around the world. With a little research, students selected a holiday on which to write an article. They were tasked with answering the five Ws (where, when, what, who, and why), and providing a catchy title to hook readers, include maps, charts, and pictures with captions. They also had to direct their readers to other sources of information on the topic and to include a works cited page.

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  •  Students handle snake

    Snakes Alive! Slithers into SVMS

    Not long ago seventh graders were thrilled, frightened, entertained, and educated all at once when Ron Cromer, a specialist in herpetology, brought snakes and iguanas brought to SVMS. Mr. Cromer first introduces the students to some general information about snakes, characteristics of venomous and non-venomous snakes, and informed the students about snakes native to North Carolina. After the teaching part is completed, then Mr. Cromer starts the showing half of show-and-tell. He invites any students who are reluctant to be around these reptiles to go to any area further away. Then he brings out Tarzan, an iguana, who proceeds to grab part of a sweet potato out of some brave student’s hand. Then snakes of all sizes and colors are handed out to students who want the hand on experience. Finally, he brings out Rosie, a 15-foot, 160 pound Burmese python, who has doubled in size since last year. Actually, Mr. Cromer doesn’t bring it out - it takes about 10 students to lift and hold this monster snake.

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  •  Vicki Merritt, Principal with SVHS Football Coach, Tad Baucom

    SVHS Football Coach Shares Wisdom

    SVMS recently had a special visitor to the morning announcements. Tad Baucom, SVHS Varsity Football coach, stopped by to share some words of wisdom with the students. Mr. Baucom, who has coached winning football and softball teams, gave students some sage advice to be successful students and people. Mr. Baucom talked of the necessity of having goals in life. He suggested to the students to put a note on their mirrors with their goals for the week to help keep them focused. He also encouraged the students to fill their time with positive activities- that if they don’t have time for activities that encourage them to reach their goals, they won’t have time for activities that will serve as obstacles.

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  • SVMS Students Research Civil War Leaders

    The American Civil War was a defining period in our country’s history and a deeper understanding of some of the influential people helps SVMS students appreciate some of the different perspectives on the issues of the time. Eighth grade Language Arts teachers, in conjunction with the social studies teachers, chose to help students understand this difficult and complex era by assigning a research paper on some of the important people of the time.

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  • Map of Civil War Southern States

    Eighth Graders Map the Civil War

    Do you remember using a map to get somewhere? In the age of GPS and mapquest, students often have a difficult time understanding maps. In order to be able to visualize the geographical, political, and historical settings prior to and during the American Civil War, David McLaughlin, 8th grade Social Studies teacher, decided to have students make a wall size map. He felt that a wall-size map would make a good visual for the students if they ever felt confused while learning about the War.

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