Technology Services Overview

Technology Services is an integral component in providing UCPS students a 21st Century learning environment that supports various mediums of instruction that meet the district’s idea of a learning environment Led by Instruction-Powered by Technology.

At Technology Services, our commitment is to maintain a robust infrastructure, end-user devices, services and deliver professional development to stakeholders that is second to none.

Our department’s multiple systems create a platform to ensure access to necessary technologies related to learning while providing a safe experience for our students.

Standardization of devices across grades 3-12 and for employees ensures equitable access to professional development and services.

Information relating to Technology Services initiatives, policies and procedures can be located on our website.

Awards & Accolades:

-UCPS 1:1 Initiative is a November 2015 District of Distinction Honoree (Created by District Administration Magazine)
-UCPS Google Superintendent & Leadership Symposium
-Lenovo Self-Maintainer Award Recipient (2 Consecutive Years)
-NCTIES Outstanding Leader Award Recipient, Dr. Mike Webb, 2014

Department Articles

Tony Burrus

Tony Burrus, Chief Technology Officer

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