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Sustainable Energy Academy is approved for Parkwood schools

The Union County Board of Education approved a new engagement strategy for students at the April 4 meeting. The Sustainable Energy Academy will teach students in the Parkwood Cluster (Prospect Elementary, Western Union Elementary, Waxhaw Elementary, Parkwood Middle and Parkwood High) about energy efficiency, sustainable resources for energy and food production and new energy technologies.

Through a K-12 curriculum, the academy will focus on increasing awareness of sustainable resources and energy efficiency at the elementary level. It also provides exposure to agriculture, natural resources, and robotics in middle school. At the high school level, the academy will provide specialization in sustainable agriculture, engineering and marketing.

“To have an academy that focuses on STEM, energy and robotics is a natural fit for the Parkwood Cluster, “said Superintendent Dr. Andrew Houlihan. “Our teachers and administrators have already laid a solid foundation for work in these areas and our plan is to build on the instruction, student experiences and partnerships to support this innovative framework.”

The Sustainable Energy Academy will offer a range of programs and initiatives that can lead to improved academic achievement and post-secondary career opportunities. The lessons will range from marketing and business leadership to construction and carpentry to sustainable agriculture.

Students will also have credential/certification opportunities, internship experiences and pre-apprenticeship programs available to them.

Key partnerships for the Sustainable Energy Academy include Crossroads Ford, Union Power Cooperative, South Piedmont Community College, City of Monroe and Duke Energy.