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    We are so excited about our annual grandparent/grandfriend's day! 

    Kindergarten, First and Second Grade will have their Grandparent's Day on Thursday, September 27th.

    Third, Fourth and Fifth will have their Grandparent's Day on Friday, September 28th. 

    PTO will be sending home a flyer with a portion that will need to be filled out and returned to school. 

    Please fill out the form completed with the following information:
    names of the grandparents/grandfriends who will be visiting, the student they will be visiting as well as grade level and teacher name. Please also indicate which day the grandparent will be visiting. 

    All grandparents/grandfriends will follow the following check in procedures:

    Grandparents will be greeted at PTO welcome table (set up right outside of the main entrance). They will show their ID at the grade level check in table (organized by last name).
    Once their ID and the PTO “guest list” and approved volunteer list has been crossed check, they will be given a grandparents’ day visitor sticker.

    Grandparents will be allowed to enter the buiding 15 minutes prior to lunch. Grandparents are allowed to wait by the teacher's classroom quietly until students are ready for lunch.

    We strongly discourage grandparents/grandfriends from checking out students early from school.  However, if grandparents are checking their child out, they will be required to check them out from the office. 

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    Check out all of the awesome teacher ran clubs we have at Weddington Elementary!
    Drama Club
    Show Choir
    Creative Cooking
    Dance Club
    Science Club
    Computer/Coding Club
    Lego Club
    Yoga Club
    Sports Club
    Board Game Club
    Phonics Club
    Rubix/Chess Club
    Girl Power Pack Club
    Nature Club
    Mini Art Master Club

    Please see the After School Club section (Under "About our School") for sign up flyers and more information!

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  • Dear parents,

    When you submit the first club transportation change of each club session, please remember to include the following information on your transportation change:

    1. Student Name

    2. Normal transportation home 

    3. Club attending

    4. Dates of attending that club

    5. Homeroom teacher name


    Thank you so much!

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    Thank you for your patience in our carpool line during the first week of school!  In order to keep things running smoothly, we ask your help with the following: 

    1. Keep pink car tags visiable until your child is in your vehicle. 

    2. Please move carseats to the driver's side of your vehicle. This will keep our students safe on the side walk until they enter the vehicle. 


    Thank you for your assistance!

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  • Dear carpool parents, 


    Please help support student safety by waiting to drop off students until our teachers are outside. Please also stay in line, even after your child has exited your vehicle. Driving around cars who are still dropping off their child is a safety concern for both student safety and the safety of families and vehicles. 


    Thank you for your help and your attention to this matter!

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