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  • 2nd Grade enjoys Why Not an American Ark?

    The 2nd grade students recently enjoyed the excitement of traveling the globe without leaving the Monroe area. Students visited Why Not an American Ark for the day. There they were able to interact with animals from the local area such as donkeys, cows, goats, geese and horses. But, the highlight was more exotic.

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  • First Graders research different countries around the World

    First grade students have been enjoying researching different countries around the world. The students have been given things to search within a country such as clothing, schools, food, sports.

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  • Adapting to our World

    The 4th grade class has been learning about animal adaptations and how these adaptations are used for survival. They have studied how the animal’s physical, or structural build, is connected directly to the needs of the animal. The classes have examined the various types of structural adaptations that exist and how animals often have more than one structural adaptation in place.

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