• Books and Brackets

    Union County Public Schools will hold it's first annual Books and Brackets reading program for third graders.  Click here for more information.

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  • Scholarship for Braces

    Local orthodontist offers scholarship for student to receive braces. Click here for application. 

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  • New Resources for UCPS Families!

    The Title I/Federal Programs Department is excited to announce that we now have a Twitter account (@UCPSFamilies) and a Facebook page (UCPS Families)!  We are planning to use these as yet another way to reach families with Family Engagement. Be sure to "like" our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! 

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  • Parent Resource Room

    Looking for resources to help you support your student? Check out these great resources!

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Featured Stories

  • Adapting to our World

    The 4th grade class has been learning about animal adaptations and how these adaptations are used for survival. They have studied how the animal’s physical, or structural build, is connected directly to the needs of the animal. The classes have examined the various types of structural adaptations that exist and how animals often have more than one structural adaptation in place.

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  • Using myOn for classroom projects

    Union Elementary has two online programs available for teachers and students to use to read books online. A Technology Night on February 7th provided information for parents about these two programs: RAZ Kids and myON. Students can access myOn at home.

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  • AIG students research change over time

    In AIG we have been working on developing our research skills, just as other 4th and 5th grade readers and writers do. However, with our curriculum in mind, we have these five generalizations of change that we keep in mind no matter what we are talking about.

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