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  • Science in Second Grade

    Second graders have been working extremely hard this month on writing Science Lab reports. We have learned all about the scientific method. We know that you need to ask a question in order to do an experiment, determine a hypothesis (educated guess), how to write procedures so others can follow the steps correctly, keep records of observations, and finally, come to a conclusion.

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  • 3rd Grade Rocks at Researching

    For about four weeks, third grade has been learning how to research information and teach others about what they have learned. Miss Lutz's class studied natural disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, thunderstorms, and floods.

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  • Taking Time to Breathe

    In Mrs. Phillips’ first grade class, the students are learning to slow down and manage their emotions when an upset occurs. One way students are being taught to do this is through breathing. The class is using a tool they like to call the breathing ball to support them.

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