Battle of the Books

  • Name of Club: Battle of the Books

    Sponsor/Sponsors: Mrs. Denise Helms 

    The activities/goals of this club are: Students are to read from a list of 23 books in order to answer trivia style questions.  A competition between all middle schools is held in the spring of each year.  The top twelve students from the club will compete for a chance to go to the regional competition.  Please click here to find the list for this year: 2021-2022 Battle of the Books Titles

    Meeting days/times: Every Friday morning during flex time. 

    Meeting Location: Media Center

    What are the criteria for membership? Anyone can join. Do you love to read? If so, this is the club for you!

    What does a student need to do to become a member of this club? A sign-up sheet will be available in the media center for one week in October for anyone interested.  Students who sign-up will be given a packet of information to take home to parents.  Meetings will begin near the end of October.

    Other Information: For more information on the competition, please visit the North Carolina School Library Association website at