Discipline Policy


    • Out of seat or not in seat prepared to work
    • Not bringing needed materials to class
    • Third time tardy to class
    • Littering school property
    • Not doing homework or written assignments
    • Talking or laughing at inappropriate times

    For Level 1 offenses, teachers will contact parents concerning infractions. The administration will not intercede until parent contact has been made by the teacher.

    Level 2: Offenses – After-school detention/ ISS

    • Disrespectful or disruptive in class
    • Not responding to a reasonable request by school official
    • Skipping class
    • Leaving class without permission
    • Throwing objects in classroom or outside
    • Running, pushing, or picking on students in halls
    • Public displays of affection
    • Four or more Level 1 Offenses (provided teachers have made parent contact concerning Level 1 offenses)

    Level 3: Offenses – Three Days ISS

    • Lying or cheating to deceive school personnel
    • Leaving school grounds without permission
    • Threatening violence to another student (almost fighting)
    • Four or more Level 2 Offenses

    Level 4: Offenses—Five Days ISS

    • Four or more Level 3 Offenses

    Level 5: Offenses

    • A student may only be assigned to ISS three (3) times (full days, not individual class periods in isolation) during a semester. After the third time in ISS, the student may no longer be eligible for ISS and will be suspended out of school for each discipline violation.
    • Union County Board of Education Discipline Policy will take precedence over the school policy at all times.