Classroom Guidance, Individual, and Small Group Counseling

  • Classroom Guidance

    I visit each classroom monthly, sometimes more, to provide whole classroom guidance lessons.  These lessons are designed to support the social-emotional needs of the students and follow the character education model as well.  I love spending this time with our students to help guide them in having successful peer relationships and bettering themselves to be the best citizen they can be.

    Individual Counseling

    I provide individual counseling to our students based on social-emotional, academic/career, coping skill needs.  This resource is designed to guide students to a better understanding of their emotions, resolve conflict, and define goals to be reached.  Some topics for individual counseling may include:

    • Anxiety/Stress
    • Grief and loss
    • Divorce/Separation
    • Friendship problems
    • Study skills
    • Organization skills

    Individual counseling is short-term in nature so depending on the student’s need, I may need to refer the child to other counseling resources to better meet their individual counseling needs.  *Individual counseling requires parent permission if I were to work with a student more than 3 sessions.  Students may be referred to me by their teacher, parent, administration, other staff member or student self-referral.

    Small Group Counseling

    Group counseling services are offered for students in all grades.  Small groups help students with many different skills based on certain areas of need.  Group topics may include:

    • Friendship/Social skills
    • Bullying Awareness
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-control/Anger-management
    • Changing families
    • New-to-school
    • And more!

    During our interactive counseling sessions, I encourage the students to help each other and share ideas.  We typically meet during lunch time or another time during the day that does not interfere with their school work.  Students for small group counseling can be referred through the MTSS behavioral system, teacher referrals or administration referrals.  Students are selected based on need and/or grade level assessments.  Groups are typically up to 8 sessions, but could be more depending on the student’s needs. 

    *Parents need to give permission if the group is not referred through our MTSS program.