March Reading Madness
  • Books & Brackets - March Reading Madness: Our school will once again participate in this event. Books & Brackets is for 3-5 students only while March Reading Madness is for K-5. I will provide links for students/parents to enter the minutes read each week. More details are forthcoming.


    3-5 Students will submit weekly reading minutes on Wednesday before the end of the school day using the link provided below. Teachers should explain the importance of entering the accurate numbers each week. I would suggest that you provide an example of what reasonable ranges of reading minutes for the period would look like.

    K-2 Students will submit the time from home with parent support using the link provided.


    March Reading Madness Submission 2/21-2/23

    March Reading Madness Submission 2/24-3/2 - Theme for the Week - The love of reading is our Super Power!

    March Reading Madness Submission 3/3-3/9 - The love of snuggling up with a good book.

    March Reading Madness Submission 3/10-3/16 - The love of reading with good friends.

    March Reading Madness Submission 3/17-3/25 - Hats off to favorite authors.