February 9, 2021

February 9, 2021

DLI Advisory Council Meeting


    1. Welcome and assign someone to take notes
    2. Purpose of Council
      1. To create a sense of community and to provide an opportunity for dialogue to improve the Antioch Dual Language Program.
    3. Updates
      1. Hiring process- We have begun the process of hiring a co-teacher.
      2. Plan for next year- Mr. Childers shared the current plan for next year:


  • Kindergarten: Minieri
  • First Grade: Gutierrez
  • Second: Guzman & Zapata
  • Third: Benavides
  • Fourth: Arocha
  • Fifth:  Puerto
  • Ms. Diaz, who is a Spanish speaker, has been hired by Antioch as a teaching assistant for our dual language program.


  1. Questions & Concerns- Each member shared how things are going and some gave compliments.  The following questions were addressed:




Parents were under the impression from orientation that there would not be homework, however there is homework.  Can you please explain?


Most of the kindergarten team does not assign homework, however the dual language kindergarten class does have homework.  We feel the repetition of concepts that were taught in class is very important.  Please email Ms. Minieri with any questions.

Will we be moving to 5 days face-to-face?

Ms. Kuba

Mr. Childers shared why he feels that maintaining virtual instruction on Fridays is important this year.  We think that UCPS will maintain virtual Fridays this year unless NC legislation requires five days of face-to-face learning.


This is our last scheduled meeting for the 2020 - 2021 school year. If there is a need, we will schedule an additional meeting.