East Union Middle NC Report Card

  • Dear Students, Parents and Community Members:

    North Carolina's school accountability program provides important information about our school and provides criteria to meet all of our Annual Measurable Objectives. However, these numbers only tell part of the story. Other indicators of school quality are important to parents and community members. This information can be found in one place, the North Carolina School Report Card.

    This report card includes important information about academic performance, class size, attendance, school safety, instructional resources, and teacher quality. The information in the report card is from the 2021-2022 school year.

    At East Union Middle School, we continue to engage in a continuous improvement process to increase our overall school performance. Our mission is defined in our 3 E's: Engage, Empower, and Express. We will Engage students by creating a variety of opportunities to connect the learning to real world situations. We will Empower students to be leaders and collaborate with others to grow in their learning. Finally, we will allow students to Express their learning in a variety of ways, as well as have a voice in decisions and topics that matter to them.

    As we look into the upcoming school-year, we have three areas of focus. First, we will focus on culture. In order for students to be successful academically, we must take care of each student’s social and emotional needs.  We will focus our efforts on creating a safe and inclusive environment within our classrooms and school. We will teach skills to support our students with relationship building, responsible decision-making, self-management, and social awareness.  

    Our second area of focus is designing instruction that embeds components of the EmpowerED instructional framework.  We will actively engage our students in learning that is relevant and allows many opportunities for students to collaborate and work with one another, while expressing their learning in a variety of ways.

    Our final area of focus is to enhance the instructional support system that allows students to receive targeted supports needed to address individual needs. These targeted supports are designed to raise student academic levels in order for students to achieve grade level standards.

    Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss this report card or any other interests you have in our school. We appreciate your support as we partner together for academic success for your child and our school. 


    Cindy Croffut, Ed.D, Principal

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