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About Our School

  • New Salem Elementary serves kindergarten to fifth-grade students and is located in Marshville. While we are small, we are mighty. We are thriving and developing leaders.

Fast Facts

    • Traditional Calendar
    • Start Bell: 7:30 a.m.
    • End Bell: 2 p.m.
    • Mascot: Knights
    • Colors: Teal and black

School History

  • In the year 1925, seven different school districts, most of which were one-teacher schools, voted for a special school tax. In 1926, a 12-room brick school building, known as New Salem, was opened as the result of the consolidation of the seven school districts. The school opened its first year with three high school teachers. 

    Mr. J.E. Griffin was the first principal and served in this capacity for eight years. He succeeded in getting the school on an accredited list very soon. 

    In 1937, Olive Branch Elementary School was discontinued. Students from that area were consolidated with New Salem School in the summer of 1937, both elementary and high school students. 

    In 1949, the New Salem School building, which had been occupied for the first time in 1926, was declared unsafe. Temporary classrooms for elementary classes were then set up in two churches near the school grounds. The high school continued to have classes on the school grounds in a new brick building that was added to the school grounds in 1938 and a wooden frame building that housed the Home Economics and Agricultural Departments. 

    As soon as possible, a new modern school was erected at the same site of the condemned building. The new building was occupied in 1951. 

    New Salem's first and only gymnasium was also erected in 1951. This was done by the aid and labor of interested patrons of the community. 

    New Salem added a commercial department in the year 1938. Mr. M.B. Liles was the principal of the school at that time. 

    This school was known as New Salem High School until 1960, when the high school students, along with the two other high schools in the county consolidated, forming what is now Piedmont High School.

    What was once New Salem High School is now New Salem Elementary School. 

Meet Our School Leaders

  • Kristen Sides (Principal)

  • Brittany Marshall (Assistant Principal)

  • School Performance Director

  • Professional Advisory Council Representatives