PE Requirements


    Your child will have Physical Education every other day for a semester. All students are required to dress out for Physical Education and Fit Lab. Fit Lab will be a six-week long class as part of the Health rotation. If a student is well enough to attend school, then they are expected to participate in PE. Students are expected to dress out for class when excused, unless the injury prevents them from doing so. Please refer to your students agenda for information regarding excuse notes.

    Shirts and Shorts:
    The PRMS uniform is $15.00. (Shorts $10.00—Shirts $5.00). The only acceptable
    uniform is PRMS PE uniform!!! During the months when the weather is cooler,
    students may wear appropriate sweatshirts and sweatpants. (i.e.: No writing
    across the bottom. PE shirts must be worn under sweatshirts in order to receive

    A clean pair of white socks every day.

    Rubber soled tennis shoes, with enclosed backs. All sneakers must be LACED up
    and tied.

    Lockers will be available for student use during class time only. Locks are
    strongly suggested!! P.E. Teachers are NOT responsible for stolen items. Leave
    all valuable items at home (i.e.: money, cell phones, games, jewelry, etc.). Locks
    must be removed from the lockers at the end of each period.

    Student Special Needs:
    If a student has any medical condition (i.e. asthma, allergies, etc.) communicate
    your situation with your PE teacher in order to meet your needs.

    Grading Rubric:
    All students will start the grading period with a 100 average. Students will be
    graded per the guidelines in the student agenda (dressing out, participation,
    skills, written tests, and sportsmanship). Students can lose up to 5 points per