• Vision

    The Vision of Union County Early College (UCEC) incorporates three core values, Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships, to provide an environment conducive to positive student-teacher relationships and increasing academic performance for admission to college courses during the first two years.


    The mission of Union County Early College High School is to identify at-risk, underrepresented, 8th grade students who potentially will not have the opportunity to attend college, enroll them in our rigorous and supportive high school environment, and graduate them in five years with a high school diploma and community college credits.

    School and Community

    The Union County Early College High School program began in August 2006.  We are one of the twelve high schools for Union County Public Schools.  Union County Public Schools is the sixth largest school district in North Carolina.  Union County is situated in the south piedmont area of North Carolina with an estimated population of 193,000 residents.  The county provides a unique blend of rural and metropolitan lifestyles.  Students from all over Union County attend our Early College program. 

    Union County Early College High School is located on South Piedmont Community College campus.  We are an accelerated program combining four years of high school and two years of college transfer courses.  Students can graduate in five years with a high school diploma and an associate degree. 


    Union County Early College accepts approximately 80 ninth grade students each school year.    Rising ninth grade students from throughout the Union County Public School Systems apply for acceptance into the Early College program. Recruitment takes place at all middle schools in the district.  This program is designed for students who have the potential for success in college courses and who are first-generation college students.


    Academic Program  

    Union County Early College High School is on a 4x4 block schedule. High school courses are taught at an honors level. Students are required to complete a minimum of 28 credits to receive a college/university preparatory high school diploma and 60-64 community college credits to receive an associate degree.  Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Art or Associate of Science degree through South Piedmont Community College.      

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