• Dear Marshville Elementary Families and Friends,


    I would like to welcome each of you to the 2023-2024 school year. I hope that you had a safe and rewarding summer and are ready for another great year. 

    As your principal, it is my pleasure and honor to be able to continue to work with such a caring and supportive community. Marshville Elementary continues to be dedicated and committed to ensuring that your children receive meaningful, relevant, engaging, and student-centered support each day.  We continue to be committed to ensuring that each child is provided with a strong, nurturing environment that meets their individual needs, socially, emotionally, and academically, and we will always strive to create a positive learning environment that provides our children with an educational experience that inspires and motivates them to be lifelong learners and caring contributors to the world around them.

    We all have a responsibility to continue to help our students grow, develop, and thrive in their own way. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on your child. We invite you to be an engaged and dedicated member of your child's team. A strong partnership between home and school will foster and increase greater success for our children.

    Parents, community members, and friends of Marshville Elementary are invited to serve as volunteers, join and support our PTO, and/or our SITE-Base Team. We look forward to you all being fully involved and fully invested in your child’s education each day. Parents, we encourage you to ask questions and remain in close communication with school administration and your child’s teacher at all times. I encourage you to share ideas, concerns, or questions at any time. 

    “Today’s Learners….Tomorrow’s Leaders”


    Courtney Luce, M.Ed.