• Dual Language Immersion:  The Dual Language Immersion program began at East Elementary in the 2017-2018 school year and one grade is added each year as students move up in grade.

    • The Dual Language Immersion program at East supports the objectives of: 1) biliteracy, 2) biculturalism and 3) academic excellence.  
    • Student who enter the Dual Language Immersion program in kindergarten at East Elementary can be speakers of just English, just Spanish or students who are bilingual in both languages.
    • East Elementary supports the belief that students who are learning English will benefit from building upon and maintaining the Spanish they learn at home. Likewise, East Elementary supports literacy in two languages in order to promote academic growth and to create better academic, career and cultural opportunities.
    • Students can apply to join the Dual Language Immersion program at East after kindergarten. Late Entry applicants need to take a district placement assessment to demonstration that they are able to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish like their grade level peers in order to enter the DLI program at East Elementary after kindergarten.
    • For more information on DLI programs in Union County Public Schools, please visit: http://bit.ly/UCPSDLI

    Spanish Immersion - Two-Way (50/50 model)

    English speakers and speakers of another language (i.e. Spanish) learn language arts in their home language and another language as well as one or more content areas (math, science and social studies). In a two-way immersion program, students split the instructional day into two languages.

    • Academic instruction in Kindergarten is in Spanish for a full Spanish immersion experience while Specials (Art, Music, PE, ….)  are in English.
    • Beginning in first grade, Dual Language Immersion students at east Elementary have classes in both languages every day with separate English and Spanish language teachers.

    Additional DLI Resources: